Thursday Reflections: Homeless veterans scrounging for neccessities

There are moments in my day when not only do I feel hopeless in my struggle to find housing, but I also observe what is a rolling tragedy among the lives of our homeless veterans.

Recently, it was observing a group of homeless veterans scrounging through trash bags of donated clothes.

There is no money for clothes. This means that veterans depend on these donations for shoes to go to work. Clothes to replace items that are already damaged. And toiletries to keep clean.

But there isn’t nearly enough that makes it down to us. This means often its a mad scramble for all of these things that we need.

And it’s a tragedy because we wore the uniform to serve this country, and this is where we’ve ended up. In a scrum with others pushing for things we need.

The worst thing about all of this is that no one will see these kinds of struggles. Our elected officials keep down playing the homeless veterans problem and instead choose to concentrate on the photo friendly moments, like parades and barbecues we won’t be invited to.

There were no problems solvers at this pile when we were looking for the essentials we need to preserve our dignity.

Me? I don’t even have the energy to look anymore. Because this problem existed before me and there is no reason to believe that it’s going to be fixed anytime in the future.

And as long as this challenge remains, our nation’s struggling heroes will keep having to rummage through trash bags for what they need.

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