Tuesday Reflections: Obstacles, stigma, and then work

Being homeless is not only hard on your mind, body, and spirit, but it feels almost like a deep wound. Which means every single move you make to try and heal yourself is painful and infection can set in at any point.

I’m currently trying to get back to work. And when people find out about my living situation, that’s all that seems to be in play.

Nevermind my background as a communicator. How am I going to help them if I can’t even find a place to stay? And if they give me a chance, how long will it be before I mess up and they begin to regret their decision?

Then there are all of the obstacles in the way before you even get to work. You have consider my living conditions. I’m coralled in tight spaces with many others who are down on their luck. I’m waiting in line all day. Anything can go wrong at any moment.

We also have to talk about transportation. You can pretend all you like. Someone who is using public transportation will never be as desirable as someone with their own vehicle.

The whole thing is depressing and embarrassing. But you have to do this. How else are you going to climb out of this pit?

So, I keep marching on. Hopefully, I’ll get back to work soon. I need to start earning again.

And not just to get my life back together. I need this for me. For my spirit because I don’t believe I’m worth anything right now.

Dear Readers. Right now, times are tough. You can donate below or read more about my situation HERE. You can send me any questions directly at Torres.fjr@gmail.com.

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