Dealing (or not dealing) with Forever Imposter Syndrome

The problem with losing everything is that you also lose track of your worth. I know I have.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve accomplished. I literally have a bio page with a bunch of stuff that would be considered “impressive”. It doesn’t matter.

The truth is that I don’t even feel like that person anymore as I sit here on the bottom. And even when I do eventually climb out of this pit of veterans homelessness, its unlikely I’ll ever feel as strong as I once did.

There have been times during my fight with chronic homelessness where I’ve been able to get into a room with former friends and colleagues where I once felt at home.

But since my failures have set in, I feel like an imposter in those places.

You may have heard of Imposter Sydrome. Where you don’t fee like you’re worthy of being in a certain place.

Well, I don’t even feel worthy of being in places where I’ve been before. I’m an imposter in my old life.

And I’m not so sure I will ever shake it. Even though I do know the answer.

The answer for overcoming imposter syndrome is performance. To be as good as everyone else to prove that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

But the issues on my end is that I’ve lost everything. Even when I get it back, everyone knows I’ve lost everything. The recovery doesn’t matter when the opportunities come up. You’re still a demonstration of failure.

If something changes, I’ll let you know.

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