Thursday Reflections: When the problem pulls you back

What we’ve go to remember about veteran’s homelessness is that you not only have to recover alone. You have to do so with many others holding you back.

The problem I’m getting at is that everyone around me is trying to create their own life. Some want that life like most of you believe they would want it.

They want to get a home. A job. And start improving their quality of life again.

Others just want to build where they are. Whether that’s in jail. In a shelter. Or out on the street.

The problems with the way veterans are handled in Florida is that we’re lumped in the same system with others who don’t want to get out of homelessness, or believe their way is better than the rules set before us.

And because we’re together, the ones who are trying to get out of this mess like myself can be held liable for their bad intentions.

If they don’t hold up their share of the weight around the shelter. You can get in trouble because they’re on your chores team. If they feel disrespected, they’ll bully you because you have validation of their power.

And in general many of them just want you gone because their minds have worked out that you’re a threat to what they want.

That’s where I’m at right now. This as I try to go to work and climb out of this nightmare.

You see, it’s not just being homeless that is a challenge for some veterans. We want to recover.

It’s the people in this process that don’t want you to.

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