July 15, 2024

Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained 7/7/24: Dream On DDT

Happy Sunday trivia geeks! But today is no different from any other day for us hardcore players, except maybe we do our quiz at our breakfast table instead of on the commute to work. Your Daily Dozen Trivia Answer Explained for July 7th will magnify any questions that may have gotten by you.

How did you do, Frank? Missed one (almost). Perfects for the year: One.

Here we go!

NFL: Before racking up over 10,000 rushing yards for the Jets, Curtis Martin played the first three seasons of his NFL career with this AFC team from 1995-1997.

Answer: New England Patriots

Explained: Yeah. They let him go. Wow. Dude would play forever. And the Patriots would end up just fine.

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NBA: In 2014, this Eastern Conference team shockingly released Josh Smith less than two seasons into a 4-year $54 million deal.

Answer: Detroit Pistons

Explained: If you put the Dallas Mavericks, you weren’t alone.

MLB: At 42 years old, this long-time Boston Red Sox starting pitcher made his first career All-Star team but didn’t get to pitch in the game.

Answer: Tim Wakefield

Explain: Wakefield died late last year. A favorite of many taken way too soon.

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Geography: Rabat is the capital of what North African country?

Answer: Morocco

Celebrity Mashup Answer: Zach Braff and Melissa McCarthy

Explained: That doesn’t look like Zach Braff.

Chain Restaurants: In 2019, what pizza chain introduced a limited-time Cheez-It pizza, baking four Cheez-It jumbo squares filled with pepperoni and cheese inside?

Answer: Pizza Hut

Explained: Maybe it was the color scheme, but many of you may have guessed Little Ceasars.

Television: Bel-Air, Twisted Metal, Ted, and Poker Face have been shows released on what streaming app since 2022?

Answer: Peacock

Explained: You can find coverage on Twisted Metal, Poker Face, and Bel Air on this blog.

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Music: Before retiring from acting, Daniel Day-Lewis’s final film role was playing a haute couture dressmaker in this 2017 romantic period drama.

Answer: The Phantom Thread

Explanation: Great film. DDL will be back though.

Music: Known by some as the “Demon of Screamin”, this singer is the lead vocalist of Aerosmith, was a judge on American Idol, and has daughters who became notable actresses.

Answer: Steven Tyler

Explained: If you’re over 35, this should have been a free square.

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