Not Dead Yet

Not Dead Yet was back this week with the Lexi-centric episode that I’ve been waiting for. Lauren Ash has done an awesome job since the series started. And the entire episode was actually about friendship and honesty. Nell was kinda on the sidelines this week after drinking “The Longest Island”Continue Reading

Ugh. Why “Not Dead Yet”? I watch a lot of TV. And I love original and innovative content. I hate laziness and repetition. And specifically recycled or stolen content. Which is why I’m talking about a joke I heard on this week’s new episode. While preparing to spread Monty’s ashes,Continue Reading

Finally. Not Dead Yet was back with a new episode, after what felt likes months off. And we can be happy knowing that they returned with a winning episode that encourages everyone, to be the person they really are. I’m going to start with Lexi because she’s my favorite characterContinue Reading

Not Dead Yet was new again this week, and we saw some decent laughs per minute, as well as some important character development. The show did once again demonstrate its ability to hit us hard emotionally as well. First off, let’s talk about our DPOW the week, or our deadContinue Reading