Young Rock

This week, Young Rock probably aired it’s last episode. “False Ceilings” was a beautiful love letter to the family of Dwayne Johnson that did everything it needed to do. It is a worthy series finale if need be. It should be the series finale. Let’s look at what I thoughtContinue Reading

The latest synopsis for this week’s Young Rock is taking an interesting turn with the possibly taking a flashback of a flashback and focusing on Pat Patterson and The High Chief Peter Maivia. And Sean Connery. That’s right. Apparently, DJ’s family had worked with the late, great, legendary screen actor,Continue Reading

When Young Rock finishes it’s run, I’m worried that this cast might not get the credit it deserves. The truth is that week in and week out, Stacy Leilua, Joseph Lee Anderson, Ana Tuisila, along with all three Deweys (Uli Latukefu, Bradley Constant, and Adrian Groulx) inject a lot ofContinue Reading