June 23, 2024

Dancing With The Stars: Skai Jackson could be key to relieving viewer complaints or cause entire season to crash and burn

“I miss Tom and Erin”
“Tyra asks too many questions.”
“Carrie Ann is too mean to Kaitlyn.”
“Does Nelly even want to be there?”

There is certainly no shortage of viewer complaints this season on Dancing With The Stars (we’ve discussed two of them (HERE and HERE) and while the show slips here and there, everyone still has something or someone they like.

For many viewers its Disney Channel star, Skai Jackson.

It’s certainly easy to understand why. She’s very easy to root for and her touching tribute to her late co star Cameron Boyce won her over to a whole new base of DWTS viewers (story HERE). She’s very humble and friendly to the judges and she’s got great chemistry with her pro.

One problem. She’s living near the bottom of the leader board and is constantly subject to potentially being eliminated.

And on social media, we’ve legions of viewers who are rooting for her one moment and then going off on judges after they award her with low scores. They’re very protective of her.

Which is why this could work both ways. If Jackson continues to improve and stays with us towards the end of the season, it will make for some exciting television.

Should she falter, then she could go home as early as next week and it will also make for some “excitement”.

It would be on social media, with the curses of swarms of Dancing With Stars fans wondering what they’ve done to deserve a favorite that hasn’t gone as far as they like and could be a springboard to unload on the other changes that haven’t agreed with them this year.

Either way, we’ll both be there watching the drama unfold hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. It’s still good television.

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