July 24, 2024

The Mandalorian: We can appreciate that Baby Yoda is really acting like a baby


Season 2, Chapter 10 of the Mandolorian gave us another great fundamental star wars story with an old western twist, with Mando having to transport an alien to her destination so that she could fertilize her eggs in exchange for information that can help our hero find a real home for The Child or Baby Yoda.

But this truly was a showcase for Baby Yoda with plenty of great visuals in the episode featuring the child and using his plain adorableness in some pretty clever shots.

Babies put everything they can find in their mouths and that’s what we saw on this journey. It was some really funny stuff.

We also got what I would like to think of as a trench chase for a new generation. While A New Hope gave us Darth Vader chasing Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing down the trenches of the first Death Star, here we had X-Wings chasing the Razor Crest through the clouds down into the ice trenches filled with mynocks.

I really liked the role of those X-Wing pilots returning at the end. While they were kind of pushy at the start, they saved our crew and reupped Mando’s karma from last season. That is good storytelling.

We really do have to continue to appreciate how well the start of this season is going with the weight almost squarely on our duo’s shoulders. We can’t see one’s face and the other is still a baby, and they’re doing better work than some of the casts belonging to hour long dramas these days.

Another excellent episode.

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