Rest In Peace, Alex Trebek, your place in TV will never truly be filled

On Sunday, the world lost Alex Trebek, who may be known for hosting the show “Jeopardy” but should also be known for the positive space he had in the lives of millions in North America and around the world.

Trebek followed me my entire life. He was one of my TV babysitters back in the 80s, where I watched both Jeopardy and Classic Concentration everyday. It aired here in Orlando, where many of my neighbors also enjoyed his company on a daily basis.

When I joined the military he followed me around the world and I still watched him everyday on the Armed Forces Network in Asia and Europe, where me and the other soldiers in our unit would shout answers at the TV. Low man would buy the first round on Fridays and we’d toast to Trebek.

And as adulting insisted on it’s place in my life, I would still watch him every time I could. There was simply no better time spent during a mid afternoon/early evening bloc taking a break from the news with syndicated television. You could learn something new every time you watched him.

Even the parody of him on Saturday Night Live made us appreciate him more. Ironically, Will Ferrell’s impersonation was regularly opposed by Darrell Hammond’s Sean Connery. Connery died last weekend.

And we’ll miss them both.

I don’t know how they’re planning to fill the time Jeopardy is on the air. But they’ll never be ever to effectively replace Alex Trebek. That’s impossible.

Goodness, I miss him already. Rest In Peace, sir!

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