July 24, 2024

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Premiere gives us action, heartbreak, and an anger inducing set-up

*Spoiler Warning: The following contains spoilers for the first episode of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier*

The premiere of The Falcon And The Winter Solider has dropped, and it was a wonderful return to the more traditional story telling method of the Marvel Universe after the wonderful Wandavision.

The opening action scene was just tremendous in reintroducing us to Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson. I was never a big Falcon guy but that sequence won me over. And shout out to mixed martial arts great, George St. Pierre, for returning to his elite thug role from the Winter Soldier.

It was also great to see Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes aka War Machine for a couple of minutes. The pleasant surprise made it feel more like an Avengers film.

Our reintroduction to the Winter Solider or James “Bucky” Barnes was the hardest hitting stuff for me. He’s not only alone, but even more so than when Captain America was thawed. And he still has to deal with the sins of his past life. Sebastian Stan continues to do great acting. Especially in that scene with the therapist.

But that ending..

As far as anger. Introducing a new “Captain America” made me furious. This is a tribute to how much we’ve enjoyed this entire mythology made possible by Chris Evans.

“That’s not my *bleeping* Steve Rogers.” I shouted at my TV.

The negatives from the show? Those dog-gone long credits. They paid off for Wandavision, but they’re back and they do throw us off a little bit.

But if that’s my only complaint, then we’re off to a great start.

I already can’t wait til next week.

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