July 24, 2024

Wednesday night’s are hurting “Loki” and Marvel’s top spot on the trends

Without fail, “Wandavision” and “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier” trending #1 on Friday mornings was automatic, as dedicated fans of the MCU stayed up until midnight to consume the show and immediately shoot out feedback into the channels of social media.

While “Loki” was on top of the game during it’s premiere last week, this Wednesday it faded. Buzz was way down according to Twitter trends observed 0700 through 1000 hours on the 16th EST, and search traffic was also not registering as high.

The episode was great with title character actor, Tom Hiddleston, and Owen Wilson delivering strong performances and the mystery building around this season’s timeline.

The quality isn’t the problem.

But the Wednesday premieres might be.

This is because the Disney Plus crowd loves their Friday premieres. And it wasn’t just the MCU either. “The Mandalorian” under the Star Wars franchise always trended on top with that sweet spot of streamer consumption.

It almost became routine. Guys like me hated it because we were forced to watch material late night or over breakfast, but the interest held strong.

We’re not seeing that with Loki. At least not this week. So what is the answer?

Well, Disney could go back to Fridays with it’s next big series. But that works against their goals.

And that goal is to make every night a Disney Plus night.

They have the inventory. We’ve seen the Marvel and Star Wars shows they have slated and it is impressive.

But they have to hit that social media sweet spot if they want to hit all of the dimensions of measured success.

And that means trending on top.

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