July 15, 2024

Twitter Poll: Small flash sampling overwhelmingly says Dallas Cowboys should fire Mike McCarthy

At the football world continues to reflect on that exciting 23-17 San Francisco 49ers victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night, many of the morning talkers and the ESPN website has questioned the job security of Dallas coach, Mike McCarthy, following some questionable play calling in the final minutes of the contest.

A small Twitter flash poll conducted by the FTR of 20 fans had 90% of fans saying McCarthy should be sacked following the contest.

It’s Monday morning. Should Mike McCarthy be fired? #Cowboys #CowboysNation #NFL #NFLPlayoffs

— The Frank Torres Report (@ftrtoday) January 17, 2022

While the sample size is small, it does match much of the sentiment regarding the embattled coach right now. The Cowboys were a trendy pick to go far this year with an exciting secondary and franchise quarterback, Dak Prescott, elevating his play following his big money deal.

But it all came together too late for the Cowboys against the Niners yesterday. They couldn’t capitalize off of turnovers, and some further mistakes down the line were proven to be too costly to overcome.

Then there were the questions over why McCarthy didn’t call a Hail Mary on the final play of the game that would have at least provided an opportunity for the Cowboys to win.

If Dallas did decide to dismiss McCarthy, it would land in the middle of a coaching carousel full of vacancies. It’s unclear who the Cowboys would consider next or how they would alter their style of play from what earned them the division title this year.

The 49ers advance to play the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field this Saturday night.

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