June 23, 2024

Abbott Elementary: Courtney the cult leader and Vampire Weekend

The excellent Abbott Elementary was back tonight. With some tough students bullying some of the members of our favorite faculty.

It was another funny show.

Janine’s teaching skills and dedication were put to the test when she ended up with Courtney. A problem student who’s file was “thicker than a snicker” and said that she would make a good cult leader one day.

Then we had Jacob, who was getting roasted by his students, when really they just didn’t respect him and called him “Vampire Weekend”.

We had two good laughs revolving around the students doing the pledge alone. That’s good writing.

We don’t do spoilers around here so soon after the program airs, but as usual the show hit all of the right notes in resolving each of the storylines.

Let’s head to the tweets.

Courtney woke up today and chose VIOLENCE….sorry I mean REBEL 😈#AbbottElementary pic.twitter.com/eCV3YgHXE0

— DMix (@danny9956) January 26, 2022

Andrew is taking a principle stand against Nationalism. #AbbottElementary pic.twitter.com/3C1LQdzBWR

— AC 😷 (@ACinPhilly) January 26, 2022

Janine anytime Courtney does something bad #AbbottElementary pic.twitter.com/pNmOV7nmx3

— ✨ (@autumnvelvets) January 26, 2022

Gregory every time Jacob tries talking to him #AbbottElementary pic.twitter.com/4MAKRW7auS

— kez | 🖤 (@K3ZLYN2) January 26, 2022

It’s “RA-BELLE.” Somebody call Courtney mama ASAP #AbbottElementary pic.twitter.com/KidvB8oV5u

— kez | 🖤 (@K3ZLYN2) January 26, 2022

Courtney got an entire class pledging allegiance to her. A…queen? #AbbottElementary

— Melanin Fiona (@Miss_TiffyBaby) January 26, 2022

Soon as Courtney come in from after school thinking shit sweet #AbbottElementary pic.twitter.com/273rzGHD41

— B Easy (@GetEmEasy) January 26, 2022

“Ole Siskel and Ebert two-thumbs up looking ass boy!” 😮‍💨 #AbbottElementary

— Dr. Frederick V. Engram Jr. (@VanCarlito2003) January 26, 2022

This remains one of the best new shows on TV. And social media engagement remains very high for a half hour workplace comedy on prime time going head to head with “This is Us”.

I’ll see you next week!

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