Star Trek Picard: “The past is now”

Star Trek: Picard was back today with the third episode of it’s second season, and the crew had to get back in time to correct an intervention by Q which has warped their future.

Our show kicked off with a terrific fight aboard the ship with Seven defeating her “Husband’s” attack and the Borg Queen zipping the everyone back to 2024.

But they lost Elnor in the battle. It was an awesome sequence. Good action here. And Michelle Hurd crushed her acting as well in the following scene.

The crew then realizes that they have to care for a depleted Borg queen in order to get back home. Raffi of course protested and blamed Picard for his chess match with Q, and this time it costed them their friend.

Jurati comes up with the terrible idea of getting assimilated to take control. Really, that’s bad. Anyone who knows an iota about Star Trek knows this.

So, they did it anyways. Creepy stuff. But some great TV. Cheers to Allison Pill on also crushing the scene.

Then it was time for some “California Dreaming” with the team off to find the “Watcher”. But Rios teleported straight off of a fire escape and landed in the ER. Plus, he lost his transporter but at least he hit it off with the ER doctor.

Raffi almost got mugged but she beat up her attacker easily. She caught up with Seven and the two began their search.

We seemed to be making some progress. Jurati was able to steal the location of the watcher from the Borg Queen, and we were ready to move forward, but unfortunately Rio was arrested by immigration to wrap up our show this week.

There was a lot going on. Star Trek: Picard is working the multiple story angle rather well and getting the most out of their cast.

See you next week!

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