Hacks: That season 2 finale sure felt like it was the end of the series

Season 2 of Hacks is in the books, with the show ending nicely and tying everything off with a bow, as Deborah Vance and her troubled young writer Ava Daniels, both found success at the end of a long and problem riddled road trip.

Deborah got to tell her story, her way, and took a huge risk on herself which paid off greatly.

Ava, who was essentially burn listed at the beginning of the series, now finds herself under demand and on the road to big things.

The show signed off to Ava moving on while Deborah is on the TV in her room telling her audience goodbye.

It felt like the end of the show.

The truth is that we don’t know if this is the end yet. Both in the interview with show runners in the featurette following the show, and in interviews with various publications, we know there hasn’t been a renewal. Yet.

Both Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder were better in the second season then they were in the first award winning campaign. Deborah’s facial expressions while listening to Ava’s confession in the booth, were enough to warrant a whole other round of award nominations.

You have to imagine that the show is fairly inexpensive when compared to the other shows that the “Game of Thrones” network currently has on air.

But there are a ton of other considerations as well.

A mini poll taken on Twitter among fans say they wouldn’t be happy with the season 2 finale being the end of the road. It’s a small sample but understanding the following, I believe it’s accurate.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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