July 24, 2024

Euphoria: Fans go nuclear on Sam Levinson after Barbie Ferreira announced she’s leaving the show

Euphoria is the most powerful non reality show on social media. The show’s fans can move needles.

And it felt like an earthquake after Barbie Ferreira, who plays the adored Kat, announced she would not be returning for season 3 of the highly popular HBO Drama (story HERE).

The fans went to Twitter and immediately went after show creator Sam Levinson. So much that he was trending in the top 3 on primetime Wednesday night.

Let’s go to the reactions (they ain’t pretty)…

destroyed my lesbians and got rid of the only plus size rep for the entire show after completely sidelining her for the entirety of s2. you will pay sam levinson. trust me.

— rosie🪩 (@ruIesbians) August 24, 2022

Sam Levinson is an enemy to women btw

— Ikeme‘s groove (@Girl_idk_fuck) August 24, 2022

sam levinson is a nepo baby with an inflated ego and no talent there are at least 300 nyu undergrads that could make euphoria but better with that budget and acting lineup and barbie would still b apart of it

— skye (they/she) (@sky3bl0ss0m) August 25, 2022

Me scrolling through all this Sam Levinson slander 🥰 pic.twitter.com/qReD2nGzG1

— Leah🍒 (@leahallise) August 25, 2022

Yup, pretty sure those ‘rumors’ about Barbie Ferreira & Sam Levinson’s beef weren’t rumors after all.

I feel like there’s going to be a tell-all in the near future about what went on behind the scenes of ‘Euphoria’ & it’s going to be brutal. https://t.co/CC0zMmorXM

— Sha Hartley (@shahartley) August 24, 2022

her storyline was so good in season 1 😭😭sam levinson i have words for you sir pic.twitter.com/yu4zpkIxeJ

— becc🧡 (@no_reygrets) August 25, 2022

Barbie Ferreira: I’m not a big fan on how my character is treated in the script-

Sam Levinson: pic.twitter.com/XNb7zwlWhR

— •Surreal• (@SurrealKid) August 24, 2022

Man Sam Levinson sucks so bad bc what a waste of a character he made. Kat could’ve been so much more. https://t.co/2VGGXrk3wu

— LE𖤐 (they•he) (@leoxeloo) August 24, 2022

i knew barbie ferreira was not gonna be in s3 of euphoria after she defended the integrity of her character while creepy sam levinson was focused on the cliche fat girl trope while simultaneously obsessing over writing cassie nude scenes 🙃

— angelina ⁴⁴⁴ (@Iuvontour) August 25, 2022

Me to Sam levinson: pic.twitter.com/yngQo84vt6

— ♡ BLM ♡ TOASTY (@CarriEnchantix) August 24, 2022

sam levinson i hope you like warm temperatures bc you’re going to hell https://t.co/cjY3bft8de

— janis⁷ theo’s soulmate (real) (@p1halsey) August 24, 2022

Fuck Sam Levinson fr kat didn’t have the chance to develop as a character https://t.co/rBuBAjxRTd

— mayapapaya🥭 (@istoleurbagel) August 25, 2022

One day Sam Levinson will pay for his crimes https://t.co/AyRae3Kmlu

— hostile and unpleasant (@aktieks98) August 24, 2022

Sam Levinson is gonna kill her character off in the most horrible way I know it https://t.co/AmJ4dNev5W

— I crashed my Scion TC going 100 MPH (@Pavila210) August 25, 2022

sam levinson offered no resolution for any of kat’s struggles. instead he made her a teenage camgirl, had her emotionally manipulate her boyfriend, then he practically turned her into a nonspeaking background extra. now she’s gone completely yeah that makes sense

— tia witcher extraordinaire (@cursedhive) August 24, 2022


— nat ⁷ (@kthvhr) August 24, 2022

when i catch sam levinson in the streets… pic.twitter.com/pdkxrRrQCA

— adrian ✿ (@LOCKECORE) August 24, 2022

i need her to make an exposé on sam levinson https://t.co/NXsGourLEy

— tamara (@tmrasyr) August 24, 2022


— andrew🫶🏽RENAISSANCE OUT NOW (@_meh21) August 24, 2022

“Hey Sam. I read the script and I’m not really a big fan on how-“

Sam Levinson: pic.twitter.com/xKOa02GPfA

— chimp with a machine gun (@ethan_2K2) August 24, 2022

What do you think?

Is there more to the story than we’re hearing?

How should they write off Kat?

Are we going to lose anymore characters before season 3?

Let me know in the comments below.

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