Mighty Ducks Game Changers: The Coach Classic and sports gambling for kids

There was an epiphany that occurred when I was watching the third episode of this season of Mighty Ducks: Game Changers.

“This is straight up, sports gambling.”

I’m of course talking about candy gambling operation set up by Maya and the rest of the crew ahead of the “Coach Classic”, the kids vs coaches game where the kids always lose to their mentors at the EPIC center.

They had odds going and everything. It was wild but at the same time entertaining and did teach an important lesson.

But, let’s talk about that Coach Classic. And in what might be the first Mighty Ducks ep that didn’t focus on a Duck, we had an emphasis on Coach Cole trying to get his son, Chase, excited about hockey again.

At the same time, Alex had to try to patch things up with Evan after she gave up his spot to Chase over her own concerns of kids squaring up against the coaches.

And we had Rich Eisen on the call for the Coach Classic! How cool was that having the ESPN legend aboard?!

Anyways, when the game arrived Coach Cole switched teams to try and encourage Chase, but just pushed him away even further. And just as bad, the game ended up being a tie and the kids all the sudden found themselves at the mercy of the bettors. Good thing Nick was there to bail them out with a candy shipment from his moms.

To end things, a frustrated Coach Cole “promoted” Alex up to a coach position, which means she’ll now once again have to compete just like she had to last season with an underdog EPIC team of her own.

This was the best episode of the season so far.

And the important lesson? Always encourage a points spread, kids.

See you next week.

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