Abbott Elementary: Halloween gives us Baby Thanos vs. Sully Sullenberger, James Harden, and Wage Theft

Hooray for Halloween TV. And our rotation kicked off with Abbott Elementary and their spooky story which featured a Marvel-centric focus (ABC is owned by Disney, who also owns Marvel and everything else).

But first the costume line-up.

Gregory was Sully Sullenberger (not Kareem Abdul-Jabar from Airplane. Brilliant jokes though).
Jacob was Wage Theft
Principal Ava was Storm from the X-Men
Barbara was a Bee
Melissa and Ashley Garcia were both Scarlet Witch (and they both looked exactly the same, but it was great how they gave Ashley a Burger King Crown)
And Janine was James Harden (another win).

It was Janine that ran into her old high school fan, Erica, whose newphew was dressed as Baby Thanos.

And it would be Baby Thanos (or Baby Theranos as Barbara would say, once again, the awesome writing here guys) that would steal the candy from Ashley and give the entire school a sugar rush.

Next, we got another cute moment between Gregory and Janine, who shared what their social lives were like. One step at a time guys.

Between the excitement with Baby Thanos, Janine got to share with her co workers that her social life hasn’t been the same since she broke up with Tariq. Ultimately, she decided to take Erica up on her offer to go to a party and switched out her James Harden outfit for a lovely Marilyn Monroe outfit she borrowed from Principal Ava.

Finally, it was Ted dressed as the janitor who was able to take down Baby Thanos in a hilarious conclusion to the episode.

Another great week for Abbott Elementary. Quinta Brunson’s writing is always sharp but these are the episodes that got her that well deserved Emmy.

See you next week!

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