July 24, 2024

“Tulsa King” is the Sylvester Stallone show we’ve been waiting for

Sylvester Stallone is a legend. You know that. I’m not going to waste anymore of your time reminding you of that.

But he’s never really had that gangster role we could attached to. He’s been the tough guy. He’s been the cop. He’s been the crook. But never a true boss (we’re not counting “Oscar” or “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II).

Finally, it looks like we’re going to finally see him immerse himself in the world of organized crime in “Tulsa King” which premieres this weekend on streaming.

Stallone plays Dwight “The General” Manfredi, a gangster who gets out of jail after 25 years and promptly gets exiled to Tulsa, Oklahoma, in a digital world that he doesn’t understand and doesn’t care to. Anyways, he has to establish a crime empire someplace that isn’t New York city, as a part of a crime family that doesn’t really know what to do with him.

The first episode works because it mixes in all of it’s ingredients really well. We’ve got Dwight, the “fish out of water” setting up his life in what is a mix of “My Blue Heaven” and “Grand Theft Auto”. It’s funny. There is action. And there is even a little twist thrown in right away that works well in what is some impressive world building for an episode of television.

If there are any problems, its that things tend to come a little too easily for Dwight. There are parts which are remarkably predictable, and its going to be interesting to see who the antagonists are and what kind of plot challenges we’re going to see here.

I’m going to suggest “Tulsa King” and add it to my rotation here on FTR. It’s great to have Stallone back, and in a role that can be as big as he wants it to be.

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