Tulsa King: “Not all horses are fans of the pasture”

Tulsa King was back this week with another solid episode. The show is a lot of fun to watch right now and this outing keeps the story running on all cylinders.

We started with Stacy and her day at the office, which resulted a standoff and an explosion.

Then we caught up with Dwight, who bought his own ceramic cup for coffee drinking. We then saw this majestic white horse in the street, which was a regular visitor to the area. That is not a typo. The barista recited the title of this post to Dwight, which was a nice addition to a busy week for our protagonist.

Tyson wanted to know what his future looked like working for Dwight. I enjoyed this scene. Whether its here or a Rocky movie, Sly is such a great on screen mentor. Only Yoda does it better. Our “Dwight Knight”.

Then we met Paul Cheevers, who was robbed on a New York family vacation by a guy with a samurai sword back in the 80s. He was giving Dwight his driver’s test when an old acquaintance tried to kill them. A great (and humorous) car chase ensued.

Obviously, the cops wanted questions but Stacy got Dwight out and the two hooked up again. Dwight then tried to fire Tyson to keep him safe but relented. He did decide to go after his attacker alone.

And goodness, they brought in Dana Delany. Who, I swear doesn’t age. Just awesome. Let’s hope this is a regular thing.

In the end Dwight found out who tried to kill him and went to his house. But the show ended with second thoughts as a child came out to greet his assassin.

Just a fun episode. The teaser for next week tells us that Dwight will ultimately spare his killer’s life. We see him in the “Avengers” shot as Dwight tries to battle for more territory.

You can be sure that I’ll be there. I’m having a good time here.

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