Saturday Night Live: Cheers to you, Cecily Strong

We knew Cecily Strong was eventually leaving. There had been skits and teases that should could be leaving over the past couple of seasons.

But when the time finally arrived last night, I was still bummed out.

After 11 seasons, she finally said good bye on the Christmas show, hosted by Austin Butler with musical guest Lizzo.

Producers gave her a star’s goodbye. We got her Cathy Anne exit on Weekend Update. And that terrific goodbye skit in Radio Shack highlighted by Keenan Thompson’s emotional remarks and Butler’s Elvis centric singing.

Boy, I’m going to miss her.

I actually liked Strong during her short time on Weekend Update. While I’m a regular critic of Colin Jost and Michael Che, years later I can admit everything turned out as it should. She had the chance to do more through her guest characters than she may have as an anchor (and still hosted The White House Correspondence Dinner).

She was an important part of those Ms Rafferty sketches being the control to Kate McKinnon’s wild Alien Abduction victim. I’m not sure I’ve laughed too much harder than that first outing with Ryan Gosling.

The “we’re not porn stars anymore” sketches with Vanessa Bayer were also good. And so were the Girlfriends talk show spots with Aidy Bryant.

Its also important to point out that Strong was the constant following the departures of Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig. There were a lot of cynics that didn’t think the follow up group which also included Nasim Pedrad could carry the weight.

Now that the final member of that following group has left, you could argue that they were just as good.

Cecily Strong will be missed. Thanks for everything.

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