Tulsa King: “It’s like the *bleeping* Village People”

It may be Christmas Day, but Tulsa King showed up to work, giving us a plot heavy episode on this beautiful holiday Sunday.

We had Dwight invite Tina to live in Tulsa after her Wall Street husband, Emory, was attacked by Chickie. That idea was immeidately dismissed. Then we had Goodie, the consigliere, head down to Tulsa and visit Dwight. After a little turbulence with Armand and Tyson, he settled in nicely with Dwight and it looked like things might be okay for a bit.

But then we had the drama with the growing war between Dwight and Waltrip, who offed Roxy, after finding out that she flipped to Stacy and the ATF. Then Stacy, who seems to be pausing on the love interest role for Dwight threatened to send him to jail for killing Pike, the gangster who tried to eliminate him last week.

The romance wouldn’t be lost for long with Dwight going on a date with Dana Delaney’s character. Goodness, she’s still amazing after all of these years. She did display some suspicious interests though, asking Dwight what it was like to kill someone.

Is she bankrolling Waltrip?

In one of the few drawbacks of Tulsa King, we finally saw Chickie kill his dad, Pete, effectively removing Dwight’s protector in this family in the process. The problem is that this had been telegraphed for weeks. But it was still well done. I do wonder why Chickie got a haircut immediately after killing his dad though?

There is a lot going on in the coming weeks. In the teaser, we know Chickie is going to go after Dwight, and we know that Waltrip is also getting sick of his rivalry with “The General”. This while Dwight and Bodhi are going to open a casino ala “Ozark” and get into crypto, embracing this Grand Theft Auto: Tulsa dynamic that I enjoy so much.

Solid episode. Can’t wait until next week!

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