Abbott Elementary: All of the inside jokes you may have missed on “Read-a-Thon”

Quinta Brunson’s humor is really sharp and very clever. Every episode of Abbott Elementary is full of both laugh out loud jokes that everyone can get, and inside jokes for the nerds like me.

Here is a rundown of the stuff you may have missed last night during the “Read-a-Thon”, which was one of my favorites of the second season.


The overarching theme of the Read-a-Thon was “The Wire“. The HBO Baltimore crime series is regarded as one of the best television works in history.

“I figure if I came for the Queen, I best not miss” was a line from Omar Little that he used during a major shootout that was modified by Janine. The look from Barabara as Janine disses Melissa and runs away reminded me of Captain Daniels after Prez punched the chief.

Staying with Barabara, her running gag of confusing famous people is one of the best on TV. Colin Powell did not star in “The King’s Speech” that was Colin Firth, who also won an Oscar for the role.

Joe Budden is a rapper and musician. Joe Biden is the President of the United States. Jacob didn’t know this during the podcast rollout.

The name of Principle Ava’s podcast “Small deck energy” is a play on words of a popular phrase on boldness and ambition that you can probably figure out, and that I won’t elaborate on here. Love my Principal. The best since Belding (you can search that one out for yourself).

Janine calls herself a “tall Simone Biles” and while she may not be one of the best gymnasts of all time, she is 4’11 to the multi time gold medalist’s height of 4’8.

Great show. See you next week.

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