The Watchful Eye: Is an unwatchable thriller best left unseen

The Watchful Eye is not for me. I know this. But the latest unthrilling thriller from Freeform concerning the secrecy behind a mysterious building, plays like a busted version of “Only Murders in the Building”, but instead of comedy and pop superstars, you get unlikable character sendoffs from the CW trying too hard to be scary.

Mariel Molino stars as Elena Santos, a criminal (that’s what she is) who decides to rob a family living in The Greybourne with her corrupt cop, boyfriend. When she moves into the building after getting a nanny job, she becomes entwined in the mystery regarding a suicide and all of the dirty little secrets the residents are keeping.

Its terrible. Almost all of it.

The acting is wooden and uninspired. Every last one of the characters are either boring or just plain bad people, and maybe its the recent television trend of punishing the rich, but I honestly could not care less with what happens with this story.

If I had to pick one thing to like about the show, its TV veteran, Amy Acker, who I wish was doing something else. The sets are also pretty spooky.

And that’s it.

I won’t be recommending The Watchful Eye, in fact, if there was some app or something that I could use to make me forget it existed, then I would probably use it.

My time is gone forever. But if I can do one thing, then it would be to switch out the three minutes it takes to read this post instead of watching the first two episodes for any viewer that happens to think this show looks good, then it will have been worth it.

Its not good. Its terrible. Run away.

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