Saturday Night Live: Aubrey Plaza and Leslie Knope win during George Santos shred-athon

Former NBC page and White Lotus star, Aubrey Plaza, zipped into host Saturday Night Live and won the evening easily, making almost every joke count, and watching the rest of the cast shred controversial congressman George Santos to pieces.

The cold open was a favorite of mine as the team played the FOX NFL crew. This was the first time we saw Bowen Yang as Santos, and he completely flew with the role, taking the congressman’s tall tales to the next level and hijacking the broadcast.

Plaza’s monologue was both sentimental and funny, with SNL alum and “Parks and Recreation” star, Amy Poehler, making her first appearance of the night. That wasn’t even all though, with President Joe Biden hailing Plaza as the most famous person from Delaware.

The Miss Universe skit would have been forgettable but we got a cameo from Tony Hawk and The Property Brothers, in the most random celebrity combination ever. It popped the crowd though and was pretty funny.

It would have been a crime if they hadn’t used Chloe Fineman’s Jennifer Cooldige with “Lotus” star Plaza hosting and the show’s “Black Lotus” skit was just a fun time. The nun skit was one of the few misses of the night (Avatar) being the other, but it hardly slowed the evening down with Fineman returning as killer robot M3GAN hitting the club.

Weekend Update was a good time with Yang once again popping up as Santos, and Poehler also returning as Leslie Knope. The former Weekend Update host got to brush off her own joke telling skills to close the segment.

Sam Smith was something. While his first performance went over my head, the second choral performance featuring a group serenading Sharon Stone, won’t easily be forgotten. Smith’s voice is so good that both outings flew by well.

A great show, really. Next week we’ve got Michael B. Jordan ahead of Creed 3 and Lil’ Baby. I’ll see you then!

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