The Last of Us: That kiss was too much for some viewers

The Last of Us was back tonight, and we had our introduction to the Clickers, in an action packed hour that really got the Joel and Ellie dynamic going.

But we have to talk about Tess.

Anna Torv is getting rave reviews for her performance tonight. And they’re well deserved. She knocked it out of the park.

However, we see her infection begin to really take over when she allows a clicker to kiss her, as she begins to take orders from the fungus.

It brought out a lot of feelings among viewers. A real twist of the knife as the horror took completely over.

My reaction seeing Tess get kissed #tlou #TheLastOfUsHBO

— The Extra (@_the_extra) January 23, 2023

why’d they have to make them kiss #TheLastOfUsHBO

— L (@kilIcommanders) January 23, 2023

bro i’m never crying at this moment when playing the game again cus at least that didn’t make tess kiss an infected 😭😭 #thelastofushbo

— m (@softdindjarin) January 23, 2023

#TheLastOfUsHBO a kiss of death

— jay 🌺 JANI+DAMI MONTH!! (@naekkboo) January 23, 2023

Me when the “kiss” happened. #TheLastOfUsHBO

— No thanks- let me die at A White Lotus🌮 (@SpongeFirst) January 23, 2023


— elcin | tlou spoilers (@rhaellie) January 23, 2023

The symbolism with the kiss of death on Tess #TheLastOfUsHBO

— _Rellz (@Rellzknwzwerdz) January 23, 2023

when the infected kissed tess

— destiny ♡ ·˚ (@naomisavenue) January 23, 2023

That was one cringy kiss. #TheLastOfUsHBO

— oneoriginaldurm (@oneoriginaldurm) January 23, 2023

are we about to kiss rn? #TheLastOfUs

— v (@chrrywitch) January 23, 2023

I prefer Tess death scene in the game. It was nore emotional to me and also that kiss scene from the series was kinda cringe.#TheLastOfUs

— Ania 🌺 (@vulnerablexgirl) January 23, 2023

this is me throwing up and having nightmares at the same time after seeing the zombie kiss Tess #TheLastOfUs

— positiviTEA (@ksthoughtss) January 23, 2023

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Your thoughts on the err… “Makeout scene”???#TLOU #TheLastOfUsHBO #TheLastofUs

— The Frank Torres Report (@ftrtoday) January 23, 2023

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