Succession: Latest trailer gives us Tom exploring a divorce from Shiv

Succession is the best show on television right now. And the new trailer dropped this morning, giving us a little more of what two expect when the show returns in two months.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the new season that they’re actually showing us, besides the upcoming blood feud between Logan and his kids, is the state of the marriage between Tom and Shiv. You’ll recall that Tom actually betrayed his wife in the season 3 finale, siding with her dad and killing their hostile takeover before it even left the runway.

In the trailer, you’ll see Tom talking to both his wife and his father in law, examining what a future without the marriage in play would look like. It doesn’t seem to be playing well…

“If we’re good. We’re good.” Logan responds in the most cryptic way possible.

While I’m a Sarah Snook stan. Many would tell you that Matthew Macfadyen alongside Jeremy Strong gave the best performances in season 4.

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You can also watch the trailer below.

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