Trending: Wesley Snipes fans debate his six movie film festival selections

A question posed on Twitter today became so popular that “White Men Can’t Jump” started trending.

That’s a fine movie question. Snipes peaked in the 90s but when he did, they were top tier blockbusters and classics that we still talk about today.

I’ve reviewed his collection and here are my picks.

White Men Can’t Jump: The film celebrated it’s 30th anniversary last year and we even had a reunion at the Oscars. While the reboot is due out this year, its unlikely to match the charm of the original.

Demolition Man: This film got a then little known actress name Sandra Bullock into the mainstream in this sci-fi classic that also starred Sylvester Stallone. Be well.

Rising Sun: Snipes was the Co Hei to the legendary Sean Connery’s Sem Pie with Harvey Keitel also starring. We waited over two hours but when the brief fight scene does begin, it’s worth the wait to see them side by side.

Blade: Still one of the best vampire action flicks out there, this kicked off yet another franchise that will soon be part of the MCU. Eventually.

New Jack City: I’ll say it. Nino Brown is one of the best movie gangsters ever. Snipes crushes the role in the pivotal courtroom scene. “This is big business. This is the American way.”

Major League: While Snipes’ Willie “Mayes” Hayes is in a supporting role in this baseball movie. Its one of the best sports comedies ever made and belongs right next to White Men Can’t Jump.

That’s it. What are your picks? Let me know in the comments below.

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