July 23, 2024

WWE Royal Rumble: Men’s Rumble was fine, just fine

This year’s WWE Royal Rumble was…Cool.

It wasn’t garbage (even though Royal Rumbles are usually great, unless they have “great” in the title). It won’t be remembered for anything too terrible. There were no huge mistakes.

It also wasn’t exceptional. We saw a lot of story progression here. A lot of tending to the weeds. Logan Paul was underwhelming, and by saving him for #30 we saw a Cody win coming from a mile away.

But let’s talk about weeding the garden.

The Sheamus and Drew team up was cool. We don’t get a lot of face team ups in the rumble that last that long.

It’s always great to see Brock Lesnar in the Rumble, especially after his 2020 performance. He’s so much fun here. He should have just stayed ringside to terrorize everyone.

The Judgement Day trolled nicely. I actually thought for a second if Dominic would make it to the final two.

And staying with the Judgement Day, it was good to have Edge come after the faction he once led. It will be interesting what kind of match they build for Wrestlemania.

Your Rumble role players like The Miz, Otis, Johnny Gargano, and The New Day all proved why WWE has stuck with them through their tenures.

And we finally have to talk about the MVP of the Rumble being Gunther. Like many of you, I’ve been a Gunter/Walter fan since NXT. When the belts get taken off of Roman, give this man some serious main events.

The 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble did what it had to do. Nothing more. But also nothing less. And because this is the best match in wrestling, tie goes to the runner and we should be happy when the broadcast ends.

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