July 25, 2024

The Last of Us: Here is the movie Ellie was watching in the theater in “Kin”

Another excellent episode of The Last of Us tonight on HBO after an extended week due to the Super Bowl. Here we finally get to see Joel reunited with his brother, Tommy, in Jackson, in what is the nicest camp we’ve seen so far. There are homes with electricity, a bar, and almost everything else..

Including a theater. And Ellie gets to watch a movie with the others. And you might be wondering what that movie may have been.

Its The Goodbye Girl from 1977 with Richard Dreyfuss and Paula McFadden.

Are there any parallels to the story? Well…Yes.

Dreyfuss’ character has to make a decision over whether to leave the people he’s met throughout the course of the film for another opportunity. Of course, his decision isn’t as heavy as the one Joel has to make, trying to shepherd humanity’s only hope to safety, but you could probably get the point.

And the show also played a different version of “Never Let Me Down Again”, which was the song Bill and Frank sent in the transmission at the end of the first episode. There are a lot of different covers getting thrown around but nothing solid enough to get posted here.

Some other notes..

The show has really nailed the Joel and Ellie dynamic. That exchange in the house after the movie, and how quickly Ellie made her choice the next morning in the stables was really something to behold. For those who played the video game, we know where this is heading, but for those who are completely new to the material, they are really setting the stage for the final stretch very nicely.

See you next time!

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