Saturday Night Live: Woody Harrelson hits the 5X club with a wildly uneven show

Whenever a star joins the five timers club on Saturday Night Live, you would expect that show to carry a particular flavor or feel that is reflective of that performer.

And in that regards, they nailed Woody Harrelson perfectly, with a bizarre program that kept you unbalanced.

The problem is that there were parts of this week’s show that I enjoyed, but also long stretches where I was stone faced.

James Austin Johnson’s Trump may have ran its course. The cold open missed entirely with the ex President visiting the East Palestine train wreck.

Then in the moment most viewers were talking about afterwards, Woody Harrelson took a jab at COVID vaccines. The rest of his intro just wasn’t funny.

There were also some bad skits. The jail visit, slingshot, beautiful gym, and Hippo film cancellation, were all pretty lousy. Not a laugh to be had in all of them.

We had some victories. The Cologuard short was pretty funny. And Weekend Update was able to pick up a lot of the slack, with Michael Che even commenting how good the audience was, and I would have to agree.

The guys at Please Don’t Destroy don’t seem to miss and they didn’t again this week with Harrelson in tow.

And in an occasion that I believed deserved some praise, Jack White was also celebrated as a five timer. Scarlett Johansson was on hand at the end of the show to hand out the jackets, where both Harrelson and White got their fits.

Still. It may have been the weakest show of the season so far.

Next week we’ve got Kelce and Kelsea, with Super Bowl Champion Travis Kelce hosting with musical guest Kelsea Ballerni. But many of us will also be looking ahead to March 11th with Wednesday star Jenna Ortega and musical guest The 1975.

See you next time.

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