July 24, 2024

Poker Face: Rian Johnson invoked another celebrity phrase like he did in “Glass Onion” this week

If you haven’t checked out this week’s Poker Face, you should, it’s one of the best episodes of the season. And it should be. Showrunner Rian Johnson directed it. Marking another enjoyable directorial effort from him in less than a year. You might have heard of the other one. “Glass Onion”.

And he used some similar writing too. Invoking another celebrity name in an “exclamation point” phrase.

In Poker Face, Charlie is hit by a car by Trey (Joseph Gordon Leavitt) while she’s trying to escape Magic or *expletive* mountain.

When she recovers and tries to get up the first time she shouts

“Bea Arthur! That *expletive* hurts!”

You’ll remember in Glass Onion when Benoit Blanc is trying out some cuisine with Edward Norton’s character he shouts

“Halle Berry! That has some kick!”

Its a silly but enjoyable common tie. Bea Arthur was one of the late great stars of “The Golden Girls”.

Some other notes..

And RJ directed a pretty gnarly episode here. JGL was a savage and the Chloe Jones link added some depth to an already creepy story. I thought we were heading towards a big mistake when they cut to commercial when they tried to drug Charlie, its too early for someone to get past her gift.

Johnson completely nailed the final sequence with the lights cutting out as Trey killed Jimmy. And having the ankle monitor blow up the entire case was just excellent. A great way to end things.

We’re all set up for the final stretch of this excellent first season. We know that Cliff finds Charlie. What will they do next? You know I’ll be here. This has been a great ride.

See you next week!

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