July 15, 2024

The Company You Keep: Ernesto was great and it looks like we’re getting an anti hero turn

After taking a week off because of the Oscars, The Company You Keep was back this weekend, and the new episode did some much needed shoring up of an angle that was dragging the show behind, while advancing a new dynamic that could change the direction of the entire plot.

Let’s talk about that cliffhanger. It was over in the first minute of the latest episode when we learned that it was the CIA that kidnapped Charlie. We got some more cat and mouse between Emma’s co workers and her boyfriend, before Charlie was able to sell them on a backstory. This did lead to some guilt afterwards by Emma.

The Nicolettis did tire of having to owe Daphne which lead to this week’s con, infiltrating a high stakes poker game for $10 million and a chance to end the agreement outright. Milo Ventimiglia’s Ernesto was simply a joy to watch this week. The more cheese we see Milo and Fichtner throw on to these parts, the better. They keep the viewers smiling.

Let’s talk about the Hills. You know I haven’t been a fan. But the inclusion of the Claire Fox character (Marin Hinkle) could be interesting. I think the challenges with the Hill’s are the champagne problems that look so small compared to the Nicoletti’s. Lets hope that gets fixed.

We haven’t even gotten to Daphne and her brother Connor. After the latter robs Charlie after the card game, we get this sentiment that Daphne is going to be more of an anti-hero in the coming weeks. That’s fine with me. I’m enjoying Felisha Terrell in this part.

It also looks like we’re getting a substory with Leo’s mental condition. That’s cool with me too. Anytime you can give William Fichtner more to do, you know I’ll be there.

Great episode this week. Can’t wait until next time.

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