Will Trent: Unflinching action and great acting made this the best episode of the season

Will Trent was back this week with a new episode and it was a winner, with the show injecting some new dynamic parts and doubling down on other storylines that are potent and let all of their cast members shine.

The opening shootout was cool. We don’t get to see Will Trent throw down very often, and he really didn’t do that much here, but it was still a welcome change to see him arrive on that scene and help take down an attacker. And this would be only the beginning.

This lead to us meeting Theo Davis, the boy discovered during the shootout. And we got to see Ramon Rodriguez flex his acting chops by going after the social worker representing a system that let him down when he was Theo’s age. It was great seeing Theo bond with Will and Betty (don’t pet Betty too much in one space, we don’t want bald spots).

That final showdown in the hardware store was just excellent. There was the suspense of having Will hide Theo and Betty. The deception taking place with the family and so much else.

“My boy Will, shot that grandma’s thumb off.” I said smiling in disbelief in what was an excellent action sequence that really didn’t involve too much.

We also have to discuss Evelyn (LisaGay Hamilton). She is the shot of energy we needed for some of these GBI angles. I like the fire she took to Will, Faith, Amanda and anyone else that got in her way. Let’s bring her back soon.

Finally, we have to talk about Erika Christensen’s acting. I want Angie to get her revenge so bad. This character has really leveled up. I’m going to write a separate post on this. This is a great storyline. Its personal and its powerful

Excellent television. Let’s get this show renewed, ABC.

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