July 24, 2024

Abbott Elementary: Parent blow up at Janine is happening everywhere, and making teachers quit

Normally, these Abbott Elementary posts are feel good. The show is positive and funny, and has a couple of laughs a minute. Its one of the best programs on television at the moment.

But the show is also real. They’ve brought up the lack of funding in schools and how teachers are constantly being asked to do more with less.

And this week, the show got very real, with a glimpse at something many teachers are having to deal with everyday. Parents that will often shift the blame towards our public educators, instead of committing to a collaboration to ensure their children are receiving the best education possible.

Abbot was brutal when delivering this message this week.

We saw Ms. O’Neil, the mother of Deshaun, completely blow up at Janine for calling a conference after her child began throwing books in class.

She called Janine the worst teacher she’s ever seen and stormed out of the meeting.

The show never revisited the discussion. There was no apology.

We had Janine Teagues, one of the most likable characters on television left behind in a classroom in tears.

We’re talking about an educator who lives in poverty, and still makes sacrifices for her kids, getting blasted by a parent that refuses to even consider the point that she has any role in the behavior of her kids.

Luckily, Janine had Barbara and Gregory to lift her up. Many of our public educators don’t have that kind of support. This is often because their peers are struggling just as much as they are.

I don’t know if Quinta Brunson will revisit this later this season. Deshaun is still in her class. But boy, did I want to console her like many of you did.

See you next time.

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