July 24, 2024

Hijack: Breaking down who may have gotten shot during the struggle

Boy, Hijack certainly left us with a cliffhanger this week. And you know it was done right because fans were on social media demanding that Apple TV release the rest of the season immediately. I’m not a binge guy but I can understand the urgency when TV gets done the right way like this.

The last show left us with Sam rushing the hijacker in the rear of the plane, after the crew discovers that the terrorists are using blanks. We get a cool duo fight with Sam and the confirmed convict turned good guy, Jonty, against the older bad guy, I think his name was Sutton.

But up front, the hijack leader, Gerald Taylor has real bullets. We see him loading a magazine as chaos and scuffles begin all over the plane. We get a final look at Sam. A gunshot. And a silent wide view of the airplane continuing its journey.

Let’s take some guesses over who got shot…

Nobody: It’s possible it may have been another blank. We’re not certain its Gerald’s live rounds. It also may have been a warning shot (granted, holes in a plane are problematic). Writers may want to add a wounded passenger to the mix for a more suspenseful clock, but it’s a little early.

Sutton or another hijacker: It wouldn’t surprise me if Gerald just got ticked off and shot one of his other guys for their ignorance.

The insulin guy or his son: Gerald may have decided to just end the cause of all the commotion to begin with. It’s possible he shot the guy that needed his insulin or his son who was fighting with his partner.

It shouldn’t be Sam: You don’t wound the only hero you have on that plane. I’d be surprised if he takes one sooner than later. More likely it may have been Jonty who helped him during the fight that caught that bullet.

We’ll just have to wait and see this week. Til then!

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