July 15, 2024

The Righteous Gemstones: Concerns over Y2K were invalid but still a thing

It was a neat creative stroke for Interlude III of season 3 of the Righteous Gemstones to take place just after the Y2K scare of the year 2000.

On the show we get Eli and Aimee Leigh (Jennifer Nettles always does a great job with her flashback episodes) trying to stave off a scandal the church was involved in when they tried to make money off of Y2K disaster buckets.

You know what happened next. Nothing happened next. We all went out about our day and the computers were fine.

But don’t let anyone tell you that they didn’t at least have an eyeball of how everything would act when everything flipped over for the new year.

And I learned about Y2K from Time Magazine. Read the issue while traveling with the Army. Ironically enough, it was a reporter from Time who would try and grill Eli over making money from the hysteria at the beginning of the show.

To answer that reporter’s question, Eli was wrong. But so were a lot of people.

In Florida, where this blog is occasionally published and we have hurricane kits. They’re similar to what the Gemstones were selling and Eli even proposes repackaging his Y2K buckets as camping supplies. That’s essentially what they are anyways. They were sold over the phone but if online shopping was as prevalent as it was today, it would have made even more money.

The Gemstones ultimately confront their congregation and pledge to do better. The Montgomery’s don’t end up so well, and that’s what led to this beef.

Great episode and a chance to reflect on the disaster that never was.

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