Full Circle: Chef Jeff learned absolutely nothing during this ordeal

Full Circle was an excellent mini series and it was very a much a drama. The laughs were indeed few and far between because of the subject matter, and the violence playing out in front of us.

Still, a very surreal and frankly, really funny scene played out during the finale.

Our favorite pony tailed celebrity chef, Chef Jeff, whose family has been under siege with ransoms and criminal investigations described the entire situation to, Clarence, one of the bad guys trying to orchestrate his downfall who had a heart attack during the abduction of what he thought was Jeff’s grandson.

“We’re running all around the city with this huge bag of money. Do you know how much that much money weighs? Its a workout” asks Jeff, who wasn’t even carrying the bag if I recall correctly, and doesn’t even consider how much he’s blessed to have it to begin with.

Then comes the funniest part of the series

“The f***** idiots the whole time, they got the wrong f**** kid. Can you believe that?” Jeff adds leading Clarence to come to the realization that he’s in the hospital for nothing.

Now granted, Clarence had this coming, but if he never gets out of that bed, he has a full understanding that the lesson he wanted to teach to this narcissist was completely missed.

But Chef Jeff doesn’t stop there.

After his daughter’s apartment is invaded, he’s upset that he wasn’t being kept in the loop and gets into an argument with Sam.

At least we get the impression that Chef Jeff is somewhat a kind person. He visits Clarence out of a sense of obligation to a fan.

But if we’re being completely honest the most successful person on Full Circle many have also been the dumbest.

What a great show.


ALSO despite Cheff Jeff’s luck he was not the big winner of Full Circle read who was HERE

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