June 23, 2024

Twisted Metal: All of the jokes and references you may have missed from Episode 1 “WLUDRV”

Twisted Metal has arrived, and the new Peacock streamer based on the classic video game series did not disappoint in it’s first episode with some sharp humor and some classic 90s references.

We observe John Doe, a “milkman” delivering essential supplies in California, making his stops on his “safe” route when during one trip to New San Francisco he’s actually allowed inside of the town which resembles a modern day utopia. We’re also introduced to Neve Campbell (who, I swear, only gets better looking) as Raven, who offers John Doe an opportunity to live in her paradise if he retrieves a package from New Chicago, which is an extremely dangerous voyage. He grabs a map from a friendly acquaintance before getting hijacked by Quiet, who we observed earlier getting captured by Agent Stein, leading to the death of her brother. Before John and Quiet can reach a truce, we get franchise character, Sweet Tooth coming to confront them both outside of Las Vegas.

Let’s look at some the things you might have missed.

Yeah, Quiet, is Stephanie Beatriz, who play Rose Diaz on the wonderful “Brooklyn Nine Nine”

That is also popular wrestler Samoa Joe, playing Sweet Tooth. The voice should also sound familiar. That’s Will Arnett.

The music we heard this episode was great and included “Champagne Supernova” by Oasis as Doe used his ceiling mounted gun to kill a guy hanging on to his roof, and “My Boo” Ghost Town DJs as he rolls up to his first top. That was also “Superstar” by Cypress Hill we hear in the mall.

We also observed a Jerky Boys CD in his car. The Jerky Boyz were some popular comedians who made prank calls in the 90s.

Stone (Thomas Haden Church) talks about William Bratton. New Yorkers know that dude is very real. You can read about him HERE.

The “Got Milk” campaign was huge in the 90s and was responsible for the bumper sticker on Doe’s car.

Our episode one license plate hint? Will you drive.

Finally, yes, that was the actual Playstation “Twisted Metal” game we see on Doe’s windshield during the mall chase.

On to episode 2!

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

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