July 24, 2024

Alaska Daily: As we wade through an unbelievably long break, they should consider a newspaper name change

If it feels like Alaska Daily has been off the air for sometime, then your feelings are right on. We haven’t seen the show in months, and we’ve still got another month left for the program to return. ABC really did this program a disservice by putting it on ice for so long.

That being said, I don’t even think it’s that strong of a show right now. Eileen Fitzgerald might be the most unlikable protagonist on television. And not Dr. House or Sherlock unlikable. I’m talking almost to the point where you’d be indifferent to her fate if she wasn’t trying to take down women killers.

But enough complaining, lets talk about solutions.

In addition to letting 2X Academy Award Winner, Hilary Swank, do more, you know, meaningful acting. They should also change the name of the often confusing newspaper.

The newspaper on the show is know as the Daily Alaskan. That would be normally fine. But the show is named Alaska Daily. That’s way too clunky.

And while I’m guessing that it would be easier to change the name of a fictional publication instead of a prime time network television show, they should change the newspaper to The Alaska Daily as well.

It doesn’t sound like a big change. But it would definitely allow things to flow much smoother. There are also a couple of more ideas HERE.

But, one step at a time. If you enjoy the show, the best thing to do is to tell the network that you’re missing it at every turn.

We’ll see where it goes. We’ve still got another month. Sigh…

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