Argylle (2024) Trivia: 10 Questions, Cena, Cavill, Rockwell

Argylle hits theaters this weekend. What better time for some trivia on it’s stars?

10 Questions. Easy to Hard. Subjects John Cena, Henry Cavill, Sam Rockwell.

Here we go…

1. Most of the stars have played super heroes or starred in super hero movies. While we all know Cavill as Superman, John Cena played this DC anti hero in the same universe.

Answer: Peacemaker

2. Oscar Winner, Sam Rockwell, played villain Justin Hammer in this Marvel movie sequel that also starred Robert Downey Jr.

Answer: Iron Man 2 (must specify which Iron Man movie)

3. This “Dances with Wolves” star played Cavill’s Superman foster dad in “Man of Steel”

Answer: Kevin Costner

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4. Argylle also stars Bryce Dallas Howard, who starred in this M. Night Shymalan fantasy film that also featured Paul Giamatti

Answer: Lady in the Water (she also starred in The Village from the same director)

5. Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is in Argylle, while everyone knows him as meth lord Walter White in Breaking Bad, fewer remember him as the dad in this 90s sitcom that also starred Frankie Muniz.

Answer: Malcolm in the Middle

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6. Argylle star, Sam Rockwell, won an Oscar for this Coen Brothers film that also stars Frances McDormand.

Answer: Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing Missouri

7. Cavill has done the spy movie thing before, including in this legendary franchise with it’s notable music and Tom Cruise.

Answer: Mission Impossible.

8. Many of us remember Bryce Dallas Howard from the Jurassic World movies, where she stars with yet another super hero actor who plays “Starlord” in these Marvel movies.

Answer: Chris Pratt

9. Everyone appears to star in Argylle, including Dua Lipa, who sings “Dance the Night Away” from this 2023 toy movie blockbuster.

Answer: Barbie

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10. Argylle is directed by Matthew Vaugh, who also directed this 2019 film biopic about this “Rocketman” starring Taron Egerton

Answer: Elton John

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