June 23, 2024

Trending: Confusion over Taylor Swift dragging Lana Del Rey on stage at the Grammys

Fans all over social media are confused over why Taylor Swift dragged Lana Del Rey on stage at the 2024 Grammy Awards last night after winning Album of the Year for Midnights.

There seems to be two camps.

The first interpretation is that Swift merely wanted to give credit to her friend and fellow nominee, who was both featured on Midnights, and was nominated for her own work “Did You Know There Is A Tunnel Under Ocean blvd”. She mentioned Lana during her speech.

The second group believed it was an unnecessary flex by Swift to get Lana on stage when her friend’s facial expression and body language were clearly uncomfortable during the entire sequence. While she was happy for Swift, it wasn’t her album that won and she may have also felt it wasn’t right for her to be up there.

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What do you think happened?

Was Taylor just looking out for her friend?

Was Lana forced to be somewhere she didn’t want to be?

Was it somewhere in between?

Let me know below.

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2 thoughts on “Trending: Confusion over Taylor Swift dragging Lana Del Rey on stage at the Grammys

  1. anonymous

    I think it might have been because Lana was also a producer of Midnights. I think it may have been slightly insensitive but I’m sure she only had good intentions and wanted Lana to get the recognition she deserved

  2. What it’s Like…

    […]    Further, factor in the fact that many fans were upset at her dragging Lana Del Ray onto stage, aiming to give her some recognition following her snub. People call out for […]

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