Trending: The King Charles and Trisha Paytas connection explained

If you’re on social media Monday afternoon, you may be a little confused.

This is because news has come down that King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer, and social media is connecting his diagnosis with reality TV star and YouTuber Trish Paytas.

Cancer is always a tragedy. But you’re here for answers. Let’s try to explain it in the simplest ways possible.

A couple of years back social media believed that Trisha had given birth to the reincarnated form of Queen Elizabeth because of the time her death and the alignment to the birth of their child (they identify as non binary).

They again announced they were pregnant late last year and now people are doing the same thing with the expected failing health of King Charles.

If that sounds bizarre, it is. If you’re expecting some kind of logic, there is not.

Paytas did take to social media, posting the following on X.

And social media is not letting the connection go..

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And if you’re trying to determine why social media is celebrating a cancer diagnosis, it’s because many fan of the late Princess Diana still blame Charles for the tragic last chapter of her life.

What do you think? Is this story as bizarre as it sounds? What do you think of strange connections made on social media like this one? Let me know in the comments..

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