Toby Keith Trivia: Remembering the Country Music Legend

We lost Toby Keith this week. He was 62.

He loved America. He loved music. And he loved watching his fans have a good time.

Let’s do some trivia in his honor.

1. Keith was born in the “Sooner State” in 1961, known as?

Answer: Oklahoma

2. In the video for this Toby Keith song, we see a younger version of himself getting turned down by his high school crush before becoming successful? Which song is this video for?

Answer: How do you like me now.

3. Keith wrote “Courtesy of The Red, White, and Blue” after 9/11 as a rally call for the country. In the song, who put the name of our enemies “at the top of his list”?

Answer: Uncle Sam

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4. Keith starred in this 2008 film, which also featured Willie Nelson.

Answer: Beer for my horses

5. In the song “As good as I once was” Keith says.. I ain’t as good as I once was but”… Finish the lyric

Answer: “I’m as good once as I ever was.”

6. One of Toby’s most popular songs is simply title “I love this”____blank?

Answer: “I love this Bar”

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7. One of Toby’s last big series of performances took place in this city where whatever happens there, stays there.

Answer: Las Vegas

8. Toby was inspired to write “Don’t Let The Old Man In” by this Academy Award winning screen legend who worked on films such as “Unforgiven” and “Million Dollar Baby”

Answer: Clint Eastwood.

9. During his official retirement documentary, this famous WWE wrestler known as “The Deadman” quotes Keith’s “I ain’t as good as I once was”

Answer: The Undertaker

10. One of Keith’s last major award show performances was at this legendary country music venue in Nashville, Tennessee

Answer: The Grand Ole Opry

Rest In Peace, Mr. Keith and Thank you for always being a big supporter of the men and women in our military.

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