Presumed Innocent: Question is whether Apple TV show will change the original ending

Apple TV has released the first images of it’s “Presumed Innocent” eight part mini series.

Many will remember the popular book and Harrison Ford film, which also gave us the late great Raul Julia in a great performance. Apple TV doesn’t shy away from these connections in the FAQ

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But the question for fans of the story will be whether they change the ending or not.

While the story is very good, you could argue that under the lens of a 2024 audience as opposed to an early 90s crowd, we’re dealing with a viewership that is much more aware. While we’re not going to spoil the ending here, if you go back and watch the classic film, its a lot easier to pick apart in our post Keyser Soze/Sixth Sense frame of mind.

The good news is that Jake Gyllenhaal is still Jake Gyllenhaal and if they give him the reach of a modern day performance, then he could give us a lot more attitude than Harrison Ford, who was entering his Jack Ryan prime when the movie was made.

We’ll give the benefit of the doubt to Apple TV, who had a stellar 2023. We’re still waiting on season 2 of Severance though.

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