Kisses, Commercials, Revolts, and the other Taylor and Travis Super Bowl scenarios

Face it, while we’re all hyped for Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday night, along with the Usher halftime show and big commercials, there will be a faction of non watching football viewers that will be there to watch Taylor Swift watch her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, as his Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers.

And we’ll all be watching her after the game to see what they do next.

Let’s break down the scenarios.

What could happen if the Chiefs lose to the Niners?:

Swifties revolt against the 49ers and the City of San Francisco: Oh, there will be backlash online. You’d better believe that social media will be a complete mess if Travis and Taylor go down. Even worse if it’s a blow out.

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What could happen if the Chiefs win and beat the 49ers? A few things:

A kiss on the field before the Lombardi Trophy presentation: The NFL would like nothing more than red and white confetti raining in Vegas while these two share a kiss in front of the entire planet.

“We’re going to Disney World”: If Kelce manages to win the MVP, this could be a big possibility. But Team Taylor management would be nuts to let Disney have this commercial for free. This would have to cost them some money.

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The wild after party footage: When you win the Super Bowl, you get drunk and wild at the after party. When you’re in Las Vegas with Taylor Swift, you have got to imagine it’s going to be that X100. Expect nothing to be held back by the players or any footage to come out of it.

It’s going to be a fun night!

Or will it?

Check in here to find out!

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