June 23, 2024

Trending: Travis Kelce altercation with Andy Reid during Super Bowl concerns fans

There might be no player who has had more literal eyeballs on him during a Super Bowl than Travis Kelce right now.

Which is why he may have chosen the wrong moment to lose his temper.

While on the sidelines, an angry Travis Kelce grabs and shoves Andy Reid. The footage has began trending on social media.

Kelce is of course dating Taylor Swift who was looking on from the luxury box.

Social media was concerned and Kelce found himself trending in the negative minutes afterwards.

Let’s go to the posts…

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Kelce has thrown fits on the sideline before, like throwing his helmet. He’s a very animated player.

What do you think?

Does this make you think less of Travis Kelce?

Does this make his relationship with Taylor Swift more difficult to understand?

Let me know in the comments.

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