X-Men 97: It looks like Jean Grey is pregnant with Cable

The X-Men 97 trailer dropped on Thursday, and along with the old school nostalgia of the beloved animated classic (complete with music), we got a hint of what could be coming.


During the trailer, we see Jean Grey and Cyclops (Scott Summers) together, and Jean take Scott’s hand and makes him feel her belly, indicating a baby maybe kicking.

In a recognized comic book timeline, Cable is the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey.

Because this is just a trailer, we don’t know how far they will take the story. We’ve had animated Cable before. And of course, we’re all familiar with the Josh Brolin Cable we saw in Deadpool 2.

The show looks likes its also ready to revive some other older characters and storylines. We get a proper return of a few fan favorites in Bishop, Jubilee, Gambit and Rogue (the latter two have a romantic past of their own) and what looks to be a hint at The Sentinels being deployed as villains sometime during the season.

It’s been a big week for Disney X-Properties, in addition to the return of X-Men, we got the teaser premiere for Deadpool 3 during the Super Bowl, which will include the return of Ryan Reynolds as the fourth wall breaking anti hero, and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine after many of us had thought that he had put away his claws for good after the well received “Logan”

You can watch the trailer for X-Men 97 below.

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