Let’s do Dune: Part II Cast Trivia for its theatrical release!

Dune: Part II is heading to the big screen to very positive reviews. While I haven’t seen it, I am very much a fans of it’s cast.

Let’s do some Dune: Part II cast trivia to celebrate it’s release.

Now, these are questions about the work of the cast, not the plot of the movie.

Let’s gooooo..

1) This is Dune: Part Two star, Timothee Chalamet’s second recent big release. He recently also played Willie Wonka in “Wonka”. Name any of the other two actors to play that role.

Answer: Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp

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2) Chalamet has previously worked with Dune Part II co star Florence Pugh in this coming of age tale based on a classic novel.

Answer: Little Women

3) Timothee has appeared on Saturday Night Live a couple of times as rapper “Smoke Cheddar” partnered with this former cast member who was once romantically tied to Kim Kardashian.

Answer: Pete Davidson

4) Actress Zendaya is currently starring in this both wild, and wildly popular HBO show involving drugs, sex, and teenagers.

Answer: Euphoria

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5) Zendaya has also appeared in the most recent franchise of Spiderman movies. Which actor plays the title role and also is romantically linked to her in real life?

Answer: Tom Holland

6) Anya Taylor Joy appears in Dune: Part II. One of her earlier movies involved fending off a multiple personality psychopath in “Split”, done by this plot twisting film director.

Answer: M. Night Shyamalan

7) Anya Taylor Joy will also be appearing in “Furiosa” the “Mad Max” universe movie where she’ll be taking over the role from this Oscar winning actress.

Answer: Charlize Theron

8) Dune: Part II was directed by Dennis Villeneuve who also shot the sequel to this 1980s sci fi action film starring Harrison Ford.

Answer: Blade Runner

9) Villenueve was also behind the camera for this 2013 thriller that starred Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Terrence Howard.

Answer: Prisoners

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10) Austin Butler appears in Dune: Part II, you’ll recall he earned an Oscar nomination for playing this legendary musician with Tom Hanks in this movie.

Answer: Elvis

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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